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If you're interested in having your special day filmed in a creative, fun and professional manner, then we'd love to hear from you!

Instagram Films

We all love to bask in the afterglow of a good party - and our unique Instagram Films are delivered the week after your wedding...

Perfect for keeping the good vibes going amongst your family & friends! 

These are short & sweet so why not view a few samples while you're here?

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Short Films

Fancy a Short Film from your day - with beautiful cinematic footage, creatively edited to a carefully chosen soundtrack?


Then you might like to view our  Short Film samples below! Please don't blame us if you cry...

Wedding Day Films

Interested in having your day documented in more detail, with full ceremony & speeches included? This is definitely something that future generations will thank you for...

Get the popcorn out and view samples of our Long Films below.


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Claire & Johnny's Instagram Film
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Instagram Films

These unique, dreamy little films are a perfect way to re-live the memories of the day with your close friends and family.

You can share these on Instagram, or even text people a private viewing link if you'd prefer to keep it more exclusive.

Short Films

We offer both 5 and 25 minute short film options which can include a voice-over to complement the original music.

We listen to what each of you like (and don't like) with the aim of creating an entertaining short film that captures the essence of each day: The fun, the tears, the joy, the LOVE!